Affirmative action boosting up

Roma employment and education

Objectives and activities of the project

Affirmative action boosting up (DVO) are based on the idea that not everyone has the same opportunities to get an education or a job through no fault of their own, but because they belong to a certain long-term disadvantaged group. Roma, women, migrants or people with disabilities are often not judged only on the basis of their abilities. Affirmative action boosting up are a tool to balance opportunities and help overcome these ethnically based disadvantages.

Presentation of DVO initiatives

The aim of the activity is to present the initiatives of Affirmative action boosting up (DVO) in the field of employment or vocational education and training of at least 5 employers and to develop original knowledge that can inspire more employers to consider TCM as a good solution.

Facilitating the implementation of DVO

The aim of the activity is to propose a specific policy measure that will facilitate the implementation of DVO related to employment and advocate for its adoption.

Networking KC a MVO

The goal of the activity is to create a network of at least 10 community centers and non-governmental organizations willing to strengthen their activities in the field of employment and build their capacities in the provision of supported employment services.

Raising awareness

The goal of the activity is to increase awareness and build the technical capacity of employers in the design, implementation and evaluation of Affirmative action boosting up (DVO). It focuses on promoting best practices, encouraging mutual learning and networking between employers and other key stakeholders active in Roma communities. It helps employers to orient themselves in the area of ​​non-discrimination and diversity so that they have the full capacity to adopt DVO, which are effective and mitigate the negative effects of discrimination against marginalized Roma communities.

Capacity building of MVO

The activity will contribute to building the capacities of non-governmental and support organizations in Slovakia, which will strengthen competence and infrastructure in this area in order to pave the way for targeted and innovative work in cooperation with companies and employers. A potential success of this partnership is the highly valued exchange of real practices and the sharing of ideas and experiences that can support the further development of DVO measures and anti-discrimination policies in both countries.

Cooperation and partners

EHP and Norway grants
Slovak republic
Employment Agency BBSK
Stiftelsen Mangfold i Arbeidslivet


Affirmative action boosting up to increase the employment and education of Roma received a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway in the amount of ………€ through EEA Grants and Norwegian Grants. The project was co-financed in the amount of ……..€ from the state budget of the Slovak Republic. The aim of the project is to increase awareness and better use of DVO in the employment of Roma men and women, especially from marginalized Roma communities.

“If you want to learn more about the programs and projects financed by the EEA and Norway Grants in Slovakia, visit the or



At the end of September 2023, we organized work events on the topic of Implementation of temporary balancing measures by employers and diversity management at the workplace in Prešov (September 28, 2023) and Poprad (September 29, 2023).The work events were attended by representatives of various actors in the field of employment, including labor, social and

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